20th July 2020

Free Webinar: Human biomonitoring of nanomaterials: Challenges and Achievements


Nanotechnology is a fast growing and promising technology due to its potential to develop new add-values products. Their increased production, handling and availability on the market brings innovative applications, but can also lead to personal exposure with the potential for unforeseen biological effects. In particular, workers in companies manufacturing and handling nanomaterials are likely to have regular exposures to engineered nanomaterials and incidental ultrafine dust.

The NanoExplore project aims at an integrated approach for exposure and health effects monitoring of engineered and incidental nanocomposites in workplaces and urban areas. The project is supported by the European LIFE programme and is currently in its pilot phase.
Time and Date: 20th July 2020, 10am

What the session will cover:
- Brief introduction of the project
- Introduction of biomonitoring studies: what are they and which goals will be achieved?
- Procedure of biomonitoring studies
- Biomonitoring studies of nanomaterials
- Benefits of participating in biomonitoring studies

- Prof Enrico Bergamaschi, University of Turin, Italy
- Prof. Irina Guseva Canu, Centre universitaire de médecine générale et santé publique, Lausanne, Switzerland

Who should attend:
Companies manufacturing or handling nanomaterials, Health and Safety manager, Employees handling nanomaterials, Persons involved in the safety and regulation of nanomaterials, Scientists in the field of nanosafety

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