16th November 2020

Nanosafe Digital Conference

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Nanosafe Digital Conference

The Nanosafe Conference will share the latest R&D results on environmental, health and safety issues related to nanomaterials and beyond. The main topics covered in this conference include: 

  1. Advanced materials characterization, metrology and standardization
  2. Assessment of release, emission and exposure
  3. Hazard assessment
  4. Risk assessment, risk management and risk governance
  5. Safe-by-Design and Eco-conception as innovation drivers
  6. Bringing technology to industries and consumers
  7. Nano-enabled technologies for the medicine of the future
  8. How nano-research tools and know-how can be used to fight SARS-CoV-2?

More information on this event can be found her: http://www.cea.fr/cea-tech/pns...

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