15th May 2023

NanoSafety Training School 2023

Venice, Italy Venice, Italy

The school will take place in the historic centre of Venice, Italy, from 15–19 May 2023 and aims to transfer State-of-the-Art knowledge on various topics from key experts to the new generation of professionals, using interprofessional education in hands-on sessions.

Join our school and learn more about Safe and Sustainable by Design!

Venue: Venice, Italy, Auditorium Santa Margherita

Dates: 15–19 May 2023, with a social get-together in the evening of 14 May

Who should attend?

  • PhD Students and Postdocs
  • Senior Researchers
  • Industry Practitioners
  • Regulators
  • Policy Makers
  • Civil Society representatives
  • Anyone else interested in the Safety and Sustainability of Advanced Materials and Plastics

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NanoSafety Training School 2023 Venice, Italy Venice, Italy
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